Welcome to my quilting homepage. Here you will find a gallery of my work that has sold and work that is available for sale. For information on purchasing any of my work please go to the contact link at the bottom of the page and tell me what piece you are interested in.

Alternate Reality Zoie Twirls Swirls Pearls Blue Moons
Believe In Magic Fantasy Village Silent Cries Dustbunny & Roscoe
Jason What's Your Flavor Tangled Up In Memory Of Callie
Tasha Howie Turtle In Memory Of Rusty & Lucas In Memory Of Jaguar
Fig Ping Night & Day Let Me In
Audrey Coffee Time 2 The Many Faces Of Jason The Chalice

QUILTS IN MY COLLECTION Available for purchase email at link below for pricing
Celtic Cats Bear Rushing Waters 2 Alikins Alley Cat
Rushing Waters Mittens Among The Flowers Mini Miranda Heading South
Cat In The Forest October Wind Modern Mini 2 Last Leaves Of Autumn
Leaf Study Rushing Waters 1 Herman Gulch Over The Wall
Flying High Alternate Reality 2 Water Of Life Heading South Mini
Coffee Time Celtic Bird 2 From The Garden Koi
Fire And Rain El Zorro Heading South Mini Tangled Up In Blue
One Green Apple Fig Mini Smell The Flowers Heading South Mini
Under The Sea Modern Diamonds Modern Stars Rusty
Backyard Daisies Kooper Dawn Of Time AdornIt Modern
Modern Mini 2 Heading South Mini

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